The above map shows the flight paths for KENT INTERNATIONAL in 2011.
Red lines denote domestic routes, blue lines international ones. The width of the lines can be set by percentage of total emissions (the default), or percentage of passengers, or be made constant. Where the value is less than 1% the line becomes fainter.
For emissions, note that this does not take into account non-passenger air movements or any factors that would make emissions on a given route higher than normal (per passenger mile). For airports with large amounts of freight or non-commercial aviation the numbers will be higher than this total. The emissions value does not take into account any non-carbon dioxide or altitude factors which would in fact increase the climate changing effect by 2 to 4 times. To see the previous year's statistics, click here
Routes with the higher passengers may not have the highest number of flights, depending on the size and fullness of the planes involved.

Summary Statistics



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