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Aircraft Noise in Broadstone - Update


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Bournemouth Airport have finally admitted that they are carrying out a  trial with the Channel Island mail planes taking off in a Westerly direction at 5am and 5.30am and flying over most of Poole at low altitude. This has been taking place for about 5 months and is due to end at the end of 2010. For many years these planes have taken off in an Easterly direction over the sparsely populated New Forest, however due to pressure from a small group of people, the planes are now disturbing many people rather than a few isolated villages. So if you are waking up around 5 to 5.30am some mornings for no apparent reason, it is probably because of the mail planes. An added problem is that these cargo planes are much noisier than current passenger aircraft.

There has also been a increase in daytime flights overflying Broadstone either from take off or landing. Whilst this is not as disruptive as the early morning flights, it appears that again a large number of residents are now been disturbed to avoid flying over a relatively small number of people in an Easterly direction.

Bournemouth Airport Consultative Committee has at least 10 representatives from areas to the east of the airport (Councils, Parish Councils and Residents Associations), who are there to look after the interests of their residents. The western area subjected to overflying planes, is represented by one solitary Poole Councillor, and one Poole resident Therefore it is most important that residents effected by these planes ensure that they make their complaints to the Airport and to Annette Brooke MP, local Councillors and Residents Association, otherwise this change will become permanent, and open up the probability of more night time cargo flights over Broadstone and other surrounding areas. There are currently no restrictions on night flights from Bournemouth and the airport may well seek to expand the air freight operation due to the reduction in passenger flights.

Each time you are disturbed by plane noise, please complain either by-

Ring- 01202 364500 (please leave your name, telephone number and recorded message)

Write to - Environment Office, Bournemouth
International Airport, Christchurch, Dorset. BH23 6SE

Email to-

Please make it clear which area you live in, and if possible an indication of the time of day of the noise.

Note that isolated complaints will not result in any change. Therefore it is important to use the above system for complaints each time you are  disturbed by aircraft noise.

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